Valeria Sergienko
I'm a product designer based in Los Angeles. After working for several years in Stockholm as a furniture and accessories designer, I opened my art design brand Nōme. Now I cooperate with international companies and develop myself in various projects. I went from a student in Rostov-on-Don to a freelance designer in LA and the founder of my studio. This site reflects my love for design and all my experience in different countries. I share my knowledge and inspiration here with you.
Years of study at the university
From 2008 to 2014, I studied at the University of Architecture in Rostov-on-Don at the Faculty of Interior Designer. A Master's degree in Architecture and Design was where the start of my professional career began.
International exhibitions
My first exhibitions were in 2013: Moscow Design Week and iSaloni Moscow. In 2017, I won the award to participate in iSaloni Milan. In 2018, I showed the first Nōme collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. In 2020, I had two exhibitions in LA.
Years of work in Sweden
After graduating from university, I gained an internship in Sweden and worked as a product design consultant. This allowed me to travel and freelance on a variety of projects.
Design companies
I started creating companies as soon as I graduated from university. I have always been interested in a more hands-on-approach towards business. I have created four companies: two are developed by myself and two with my business partners.
Years experience in Product design
I started as a Product Designer and my background in Interior Design fostered an ability that translates into art design, creating collectible furniture and accessories.
Years of freelance travel
In 2016, I registered "Valeria Sergienko" company, which allowed me to work as a freelancer and consultant in different countries: Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Spain, and now in the US.
My brands
Whether you are at the beginning of your creative journey or you are already a professional, I provide personal advice and mentorship with the steps to take. I answer questions and accompany you on your way. I understand how important professional support is for a creative person.

Mentoring helps you believe in your resources, capabilities, and most importantly, your talents.
After all, each of us is a unique creator, and I believe in that.

1.What kind of inquiries are there to apply?
  • How to build a competent portfolio?
  • How to find an internship or dream job?
  • What to do after university?
  • How to work as a freelancer and find clients?
  • How do you evaluate your work?
  • How to prepare for participation in exhibitions?
  • How to go for an internship and work abroad?
  • How to create your brand and organize your structure?
  • How to start a new project and overcome your fear of failure?
  • How to develop and reach a new level?
  • How do you find what you want to do?
  • and many others ...
2. In what format does the consultation take place?
All consultations take place online via Skype, Telegram, or Zoom. First, we call up and discuss the reasons for contacting, then you send the necessary materials if available: portfolio, list of goals, links. After that, on the basis of the materials, we will call for a consultation.

The consultation lasts 1-1.5 hours, during this time I comment on the work, answer questions, discuss goals, and make a list of actions to achieve them.
    3. What are the results?
    Depends on your request: from answers to pressing questions and a new action plan to drawing up a competent portfolio and website organization. In general - a feeling of confidence, a clear vision, and an understanding of the steps towards the goal and dream.
      4. Works of my students
      Maria Lorami - tutor, mentor
      She has created a website in two languages with information about herself and her projects.

      Anna Artemyeva - architect, interior designer
      Within 2 months created a portfolio from scratch for getting a job in Sweden.
      5. References
      Anna Artemyeva - architect, interior designer

      "When starting work on my portfolio, it was important for me to create conditions that would help me to implement my plans. And an important component was to find a mentor – a person who, ideally, went the way that I had to go, a person from the Stockholm design environment, who would have known firsthand how things are with design in this city. I was very lucky, my search for such a person led me to Valeria.

      Valeria did not only have the necessary experience but also skillfully accompanied me. We divided the process into stages, identified important points, and agreed on the number of meetings-calls. I liked that Valeria did not interfere, did not limit, and did not criticize my work. But she always suggested how to show my ideas and interestingly develop them. And most importantly, in moments of despair, disap- pointment, and simply recession, Valeria helped to find a way out and open a second wind.

      The work on the portfolio gave unexpected results – I found a university where I want to continue my education. And this happened thanks to an influx of self-confidence and a broad outlook on the indus- try and workflow. With a pure heart, I recommend Valeria as a mentor. Myself, however, I will be glad to continue cooperation with her."
      BE. design
      This is a series of interviews with some of the world's most inspiring creative people that tell the stories of their journey and development. They also provide tips and strategies to help others take them to the next level.
      The mission of this project is to create a community where everyone can grow professionally, gain confidence, and find support.
      Dmitriy Samigin
      Furniture design, participation in the Paris exhibition and art
      Product designer of furniture and accessories in Moscow. Creates functional and easy-to-use things with an honest and minimalistic design. Draws posters in unique graphics.
      Olga Bogdanova
      Product design, organization of exhibitions and Art direction
      Designer and architect, as well as the organizer of exhibitions of Ukrainian product design around the world. She has created an architecture bureau, that works with furniture brands in art direction.
      Kristina Ferenchuk
      Study at Saint Martin's, jewelry design, search for own uniqueness
      Jewelry Designer and creator of unique precious structures. Graduated from Saint Martin's in London in Jewelry Design, founded Kristina Ferenchuk Jewelry brand in Zurich.
      Valeria Sergienko
      Stockholm internship, visas and freelance in Los Angeles
      Podcast creator, a product designer, she went from a student in Rostov-on-Don to a freelance designer in Los Angeles and the creator of her own collectible design brand Nōme.
      I write about design, internship, work experience abroad, and life in different countries. I find inspiration around the world and try myself in different areas of design.
      © Design by Valeria Sergienko